What Kinds of Tile Can You Use to Remodel Your Bathroom

tile use in a bathroom remodel

What Kinds of Tile Can You Use to Remodel Your Bathroom

Comparing Porcelain Tile to Ceramic Tile.

tile use in a bathroom remodel

When making the choice to remodel your bathroom it’s important to choose tile for the floor and most important for the shower because it’s safe and clean.  There are many different kinds of tile.  Two types would be porcelain and ceramic.  Let’s compare the two.

Porcelain Tile

In some ways these two types of tile are the same.  They are both tough and enduring.  Both of them come in various colors and designs, and they can be used for flooring as well as for showers.  Now, let’s see the differences.  Porcelain tiles can be a little cheaper than ceramic tile.  Porcelain tile has a high absorption ratio that resists water or steam.  Due to the thinness of the tile they can be used to cover the wall as well.

Ceramic Tiles

Now, let’s compare the ceramic tile.  It’s very tough and has great density.  If you utilize this type of tile for the shower floor, you can depend on this floor lasting a long time.  Since this area is always exposed to water you want something that’s tough and still looks beautiful.  As far as these two types of tiles it just depends on what you want and what kind of design fits your fancy.

There are many different reasons why it’s important to use tile for your bathroom.  Also you can cooperate different shapes and colors to have your own distinctive design.  Tile is also easy to clean and preserve.  It’s important to regularly clean the tiles and this way they will stay in good and clean condition, and you won’t have the issue of mold.  It’s important that when you clean your tile that you do not use a harsh chemical cleaner, because this could tear down the tiles.  This could be a costly replacement.

These are just some suggestions on two tiles that you could use in remodeling your bathroom; however, there are many other different types of tiles.  Please contact AAA Remodeling Company (636) 349-5777 the experts in remodeling.

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