Two Ways You Can Improve Your Patio Space

Two Ways You Can Improve Your Patio Space

There are several benefits to having a patio that you can add screens or Eze-Breeze panels to. St. Louis Patio Rooms

It is the perfect time of year to make full use of your screened porch or patio if you are lucky enough to have one in your home. Businesses, too, like restaurants, are improving or adding on outdoor lounge areas for patrons to enjoy. Patio rooms can be enjoyable whether they are simple or deluxe – all you really need is some good sunlight to shine in and a nice breeze, and some quality screens to keep the bugs out. In the spring, summertime, and autumn, having a patio room or gazebo can be one of the best investments to your home that you can make, and it can quickly become your family’s favorite room to spend time in.

There are several benefits to having a patio that you can add screens or Eze-Breeze panels to. First of all, you can enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space without being hassled by insects. Your patio or gazebo provides additional living space for you and your family to take advantage of, but still allows you to stay cozy during thunderstorms, keep your allergies in check, and use your patio space year round.


Depending on the size of the space you want protected, you may have many different options. Discuss your options and how to best screen in the space that you have with a member of AAA Remodeling Company. Some gazebo spaces may benefit from a simple solution like some mosquito netting, while you may want some high quality, durable screens for your porch or patio that will last a long time.

If you have an existing deck that you would like to convert to a screened in porch, the process might be a little more involved. There may be some construction needed in order to prepare the deck, and you will need to choose between manufactured screen panels and rolls of screens you can tack up.

Eze-Breeze Panels

Pollen and dust allergies can keep many people from being fully able to enjoy nice weather, but having a protected, beautiful space that you have designed and decorated can give you a way to not feel stifled by your allergies. The combination of good screens to keep insects away, and great windows or Eze-Breeze panels to keep as much dust and pollen out as possible, means that you can enjoy the summer months right along with the rest of your family.

Unlike glass, Eze-Breeze is not easily breakable. It is actually made of a transparent vinyl that can stretch. Panels can be added to any enclosed space and can actually increase the ability to ventilate a room when they are opened, as they have more versatility than regular windows. These panels can be a nice upgrade for a space of any size space and are easy to install.

St. Louis Patio Rooms

If you are wanting to update your patio room or add a patio room to your home, contact AAA Remodeling Company for a FREE estimate by calling (636) 349-5777. We will be glad to discuss your patio room needs!

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