Prepare Your Patio Room for the Winter

winter patio room

Prepare Your Patio Room for the Winter

When winter arrives, many home-owners close down their patio rooms and stay indoors.

winter patio roomHere are some tips from our St. Louis home remodeling experts that will help home-owners to continue using their beautiful patio rooms even when the weather starts to get cold.

Heat Up the Patio Room

To make your patio room comfortable, use an electric or gas patio heater, fire pit, chimney, or outdoor fireplace. These are all great options to heat up your patio room. However, it is the outdoor design that determines which option is the best one. For example, outdoor fireplaces are perfect for achieving a cozy outdoor experience. It also gives the outdoor area a contemporary appearance.

Some home-owners may want a rustic feel for their patio, and for them chimneys or fire pits are a great choice. On the other hand, gas-powered patio heaters look good and can enhance the appeal of any outdoor area. These heaters are portable, so you can position them wherever you need them. Electric heaters are normally placed at an elevated position, and they radiate heat downwards. When getting your patio room designed or remodeled, ask your St. Louis remodeling contractor to recommend the best heating option to suit the design and area.

Protect Your Patio with Outdoor Blinds

While it is possible to increase the temperature of outdoor areas during cold weather, it is not practical to stay outside when it rains or strong winds start to blow. The best way to protect the patio area during cold or harsh weather is by using patio blinds or specialized outdoor blinds. These blinds are meant to act as temporary walls that protect interiors from the elements. They may be made of tinted or clear PVC, or hard-wearing fabrics.

These blinds are extremely easy to use, and all you have to do is roll them upwards or downwards. Your remodeling company can also help install motorized blinds that can be rolled up or down at the touch of a button. These blinds also prevent the heat from escaping outside into the cold atmosphere and help keep the patio cozy during the winter.

Enhancing the Look of the Patio Area

Winters often feel depressing and dreary and it forces people to stay indoors. You can beat winter blues by enhancing the appearance of the patio area with the addition of bright and vivid colors. Home-owners can decorate the patio with brightly-colored pots or a rug. Throw rugs and cushions can also be used on outdoor furniture to enhance the appearance of a patio room. These tips will help ensure that your patio stays a relaxing and comfortable place to spend your time, even during winters. Call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 today!

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