What State is Your Bathroom in?

What State is Your Bathroom in?

Is your bathroom in such a state that you need to remodel? bath and shower remodel

There are usually four substantial motives for remodeling your bathroom.

  • Health and safety causes
  •  Overwrought with not enough space
  •  Plumbing solutions

If your home is older, it may be time to make some changes such as your bathroom, and of course your fixtures and materials used don’t last forever.  If there are water issues and they are not taken care of, the aftermath can be destructive and more costly.  There are issues such as your shower head leaks, insufficient water dispersing to your faucets or toilets, slow drainage in your sink and situations of this nature can on the whole be ignored, but when this occurs the additive results of not maintaining and the damage you cannot see could destroy much of your floors and walls if this would be allowed to continue.

Safety and health are crucial when it comes to your bathroom.  It’s easy to understand that electricity and water do not get along so there could be issues that you cannot see in your walls and the problem is worse than you imagine.  Also bugs, critters of all sorts can be chewing on electrical wires, switches or perhaps you do not have well-chosen insulation or they have become old down through the years and now everything has deteriorated.  Also, as homes age the foundation changes its course and that applies pressure on the frame of your home which in turn puts unjust pressure on plumbing and electrical wires that have aged.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that just making some minor repairs will take care of your bathroom issues.  What you cannot see you are not aware of what is going on.  There could be mold and mildew making their home in your bathroom and this is the beginning of an enduring problem.

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