Tips On Creating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

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Tips On Creating a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Bathrooms are often far from kid-friendly. Learn some easy tips to create a safe and kid-friendly bathroom for your children.

kid-friendly-bathroomThe problems are usually plenty – the sink is too high, the tub is too deep, and there is never enough storage space for toiletries and bath toys. If you have been facing these problems in your home, it is time to consider a bathroom remodel. Having a kid-friendly bathroom does not only make it appealing to kids and makes it safer for them to use, it also helps you assist your child’s independence in the bathroom.

Creating a Kid-Friendly Space

Even if you are going to share the bathroom with your children, you can create a space that appeals to them and is safe and at the same time takes care of your needs as well. A St. Louis home remodeling company can help you with every step of a bathroom remodel, but it is important that you have your budget and requirements clearly charted out. Here are some tips that can help you create a kid-friendly bathroom.

Select a Theme

It is not hard to create a bathroom that will appeal to kids. Choose a theme that appeals the most to your child. Water-inspired themes are an all time favorite with kids of all age groups. Marine life, boats, and pirate themes are adored by kids. If your kids like animals, flowers, cars, or a particular cartoon character, you can base your theme around that. You can incorporate the theme of the bathroom with towels, bath mats, shower and window curtains, and other accessories. The white backdrop of the sink, bathtub, and other fixtures offers a great contrast to bright hues of theme-based accessories.

Make it Accessible

When planning the bathroom remodel and creating the design, keep your child’s height in mind. To help your child become independent, you will need to ensure that everything is easily within their reach. A step stool at the sink can be of great help when the kids need to brush their teeth. Make sure that they can reach the toiletries such as the soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Plan For Lots of Storage

It is important to have accessible shelves and storage areas to store all bath-related items. In addition to toiletries and linens, you will also need space to organize and store bath toys. A galvanized bucket or an open bin can be a good choice. Low shelves or woven baskets can be used to store towels, bathrobes, and other linens.

If you are welcoming a child into your family or need to create a personalized bath area for your child, consult with our St. Louis home remodeling experts to plan the bathroom remodel. Call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777. We will help you create a bathroom that is safe and easy for the kids to use.

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