The Design of Kitchen Zones

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The Design of Kitchen Zones

The “golden triangle” has been the dominating concept in kitchen design since the 1940’s.

kitchen-designMany underlining reasons that made the golden triangle so popular for long decades has become obsolete. The main reason for the popularity of this design was the idea that a single cook in a small kitchen is optimal for residential purposes. Now today, it happens more often than not that kitchens are operated by more than one member of the family. Also, when it comes to identify the function of the kitchen, definitions like the most important social room in the house, or a place where families get together while consuming their meals are more prominent than the theory of a highly functional space designed simply for effective cooking. Keep these notions in mind when deciding on a kitchen remodel.

The Kitchen Zones Concept

The new and upcoming concept behind the most fashionable and popular designs is the kitchen zones concept. The idea behind it is that the cooking process should be broken up into zones. The general idea comes from the designs of professional, commercial kitchens where a team of cooks and chefs will have to work together and prepare an excessive number of meals in a short time period. Obviously, no residential kitchen will ever be under the pressure as a commercial one, but the main principles used in commercial kitchens can effectively turn any residential kitchen into a modern and practical space fulfilling the requirements that are raised by contemporary life.

Different designers will come up with unique ideas based on the respective spaces they have to turn into kitchens. In general, it can be said that there are about four main zones that will be distinguished in any particular design.

Food Storage Zone

This zone contains cabinets and the refrigerator. It is necessary to estimate the needs of the family when deciding on what the storage capacity of this zone should be. When locating it in the design, keep in mind that the traffic that will be directed towards this zone should not disturb the work flow in the other zones.

Clean-up Zone

This zone is built around the sink. Because food preparation often requires water too, in kitchens with only one sink the food preparation and the clean-up area sometimes intersect each other.

Food Preparation Zone

This zone is created for doing all of the work with food that does not require heat. This zone requires sufficient counter space and a sink.

Cooking Zone

The actual cooking and baking is going to take place in this zone. There are many options available for ovens and stoves.

Although these are the most important zones at the heart of any concept, some will add a serving center zone while others will build the whole conception around sinks so as to separate food preparation and cleaning completely. Contact AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 for ideas to complete your kitchen remodel.

Photo credit: Dru Bloomfield via Flickr

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