Ten Tips to Help You Select the Best Kitchen Color

St. Louis kitchen with red interior

Ten Tips to Help You Select the Best Kitchen Color

Choose the best kitchen or bathroom color with these ten tips from St. Louis home remodeling experts.

Modern red kitchen interior 3dKitchen and bathroom remodeling many times involves updating the existing color scheme as well. Deciding on the most appropriate color scheme for your home can be a daunting task.

Color Inspiration for Your Home

Although color inspirations may emerge from anywhere, some colors may not complement each other as well as others do. It is essential to find the most suitable color combination for any room in the house. The following hints may help you select the best color scheme for your bathroom or kitchen.

1. Choose colors that you love. Some people may love bright yellow kitchens, while others may find them totally absurd.

2. You may want to explore using bright or lush colors for your kitchen or bathroom remodel. Since the space on the walls may be limited, paint can be used for creating a boundary along the edges of cabinets, moldings, and appliances. A suitable color scheme may highlight these kitchen items.

3. Be flexible and ready to compromise. As you consider several color schemes, you may have to make modifications of your initial plans.

4. Select one item to serve as inspiration for the color scheme. However, you should not purchase this item until the whole plan is finalized. For instance, handmade tiles may provide the inspiration, but do not purchase the tiles until the kitchen color scheme is finalized.

5.Begin with the bathroom or kitchen component that is not easy to modify. It will not be difficult to modify the color of cabinets or walls to match with the tiles or granite counter top.

6. Take lighting into account. Check the appearance of the color scheme in daylight and under the artificial light used. Some colors may be refreshing under daylight, but flat under incandescent light. Color-adjusted fluorescent lights may be useful.

7. Neutral and multipurpose counter tops may be ideal for the kitchen. Since these are costly to acquire, you may not want to replace them each time styles change.

8. Undertones of wood are advisable for cabinets. Warm or cool wood can be highlighted using different stains. Besides this, wood can be tinted, painted, or glazed.

9. Back splashes can provide highlights in the kitchen. Homeowners can start with the counter top, which can be highlighted with a back splash. Items in the kitchen that cannot be adjusted easily should be the starting point. Although numerous color schemes are available in the market, color selections for counter tops are limited.

10. The order of color selection inside the bathroom should be reversed. The tiles should serve as the starting point in selecting the most appropriate color scheme for the bathroom. This is practical since tiles cover nearly the whole bathroom.

Although there are no hard and fast rules in selecting the most suitable color scheme for the bathroom or kitchen, some general guidelines can make the choice easier. Peach or pink enhance skin tones better than green. Soft coral hues are perfect for a bathroom. Green complements wood tones. It is also an excellent option for the kitchen. If homeowners remain undecided on the color scheme for their bathroom or kitchen, they can opt to use white.

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