Ten Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

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Ten Budget Friendly Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

The kitchen often bears the most wear and tear in a house and may start to look old and worn out sooner than other parts of the house.

kitchen-remodelKitchen remodeling can be a great way of giving it a fresh lease on life. However, budget constraints can make a complete kitchen remodel a distant dream for many, but that does not mean they have to make do with a dreary looking kitchen. Here are some ideas from our home remodeling experts that will help you give a dashing revamp to your kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket.

Add Some New Lighting

Some new overhead lights and glass pendants can add a lot of brightness to the kitchen and make it look a lot more interesting and aesthetic.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

A bright new color on the cabinets and even the floor can add freshness to your kitchen. Use some contrasting colors on the cabinets to give them a bright look.

Add Stylish Faucets

Faucets are often an ignored part of the kitchen. Adding a new stylish faucet can add functionality and change the look of your kitchen.

Upgrade Accessories

Classic new hardware such as knobs and pulls can subtly enhance the look of your kitchen without costing you much.

Add Some Storage

Adding some new shelves on unused walls, or creating some cabinets above the windows or the existing cabinets can add some storage space, and make your kitchen look more beautiful and organized.

Dress Up the Windows

Changing window treatments can do wonders to how your kitchen looks. Install roman shades in some interesting patterns and you will make a lot of difference to your kitchen’s aesthetic appeal.

Open Up Some Cabinets

Place some classic crockery or dishware in some cabinets and and remove the cabinet doors. It will create some extra space and add an element of style.

Hang Pots, Spoons, and Ladles

This will ensure that these things remain within easy reach and it will also add some style quotient to your kitchen.

Add a Tiled Backsplash

The wall paint or wall paper can give away quite soon owing to the high moisture conditions. Adding a tiled backsplash can make the area water-proof, neat, and beautiful.

Bring In Some Furniture

If you have an unused table lying in your garage that can take the centre space in your kitchen, then give it a fresh coat of paint, team it up with a couple of chairs, and bring it into the kitchen.

If your kitchen is crying out for help and needs a makeover, then it is high time you stop neglecting it in the name of budget constraint. You can try some of the aforementioned ideas, or simply get in touch with AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777. We will give your kitchen a facelift within the budget outlined by you. Some professional help can go a long way in not only making your kitchen more aesthetic, but also in making it more functional and efficient.

Photo credit: Sitka Projects via Flickr

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