Ten Basic Tips to Remodel Your Kitchen

kitchen remodel

Ten Basic Tips to Remodel Your Kitchen

The comfort, design, and value of a home can be improved with a kitchen remodel.

kitchen remodel

Take into account these ten basic tips before you begin your kitchen remodeling project.

1. Use the Best Materials

The best hinges and drawer slides will guarantee that the cabinet doors remain closed and drawers are easy to pull out. It is important to avoid purchasing particle board or stapled drawers. Wood veneer is the best material to use for the interior of the cabinet, compared to particle boards, MDF, laminates, or melamine.

2. Decide on the Height of the Cabinet

Ceiling-high cabinets are ideal for eight-foot high ceilings since they provide better storage capacity. This opens up spaces on the wall, which can be used for open shelves or art work. However, if the ceiling is higher than eight feet, it may be necessary to leave around eighteen inches of space above the cabinet.

3. Determine Whether to Use Stain or Paint

While stained-wood cabinets are appealing, some finishes may fade fast and are difficult to modify. On the other hand, cabinets that are brush-painted may offer an appealing option for homeowners.

4. Choose a Stylish Countertop

The kitchen may appear appealing and stylish when stained wood and white Carrara marble is used. Honed Kirkstone slate, Wiarton limestone, soapstone, and plastic laminates featuring wooden edges also provide a classy look to a kitchen.

5. Set Up a Working Island

Be careful about installing an island in the middle of the kitchen. While islands provide a fresh and open design, it should not have any appliances installed in them. However, if appliances are necessary for the island, it should maintain an elegant appearance.

6. Avoid Overdoing the Details

An over-decorated kitchen may be embodied by design accents like obstructions above the stove or moldings along the front of the cabinet. It is important to take into account that the kitchen should complement the other rooms of the house.

7. Keep Maintenance in Mind

Some surfaces may not be easy to clean due to their texture, such as tumbled marble, brick, and terra-cotta. Light-colored surfaces, such as ceramic floors or laminate counters, are easy to clean but make everything visible. It is also important to note that it is not easy to maintain the cleanliness of stainless steel.

8. Opt for Basic Appliances

It may be advisable to limit the appliances in the kitchen to basic equipment. For example, a commercial stainless steel range may be better than a separate cook-top and wall oven, taking up less space.

9. Integrate a Dining Area Into the Design

The design of a kitchen can be modified to allow it to become an additional dining area with the use of intelligent design and suitable lighting. A banquette design featuring slip-cover chairs can ensure the space is used efficiently.

10. Make the Space Interesting

The kitchen should reflect the personality of the homeowner. Unique furniture showing the individuality of the homeowner can be used in the kitchen. A kitchen filled with different equipment and wall-to-wall cabinets may not appear appealing to the eye.

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