Sprucing Up Your Patio Room for the Summer

St. Louis outdoor patio room

Sprucing Up Your Patio Room for the Summer

Outdoor living areas such as patio rooms add functionality and an aesthetic touch to a home.

outdoor-patio-roomThe houses that have patio rooms fetch higher prices than other properties in the same area. Patio rooms are a great place to relax, spend time with family, and to host people. However, just having a patio room is not enough; you also need to ensure that it is taken care of and looks pleasing and neat at all times.

If you have not refurbished your patio room in the last few years, it is time that you spend some time and effort sprucing it up. If you are a DIY fan, you can try some things on your own, or you may call up the remodeling experts and get your project started. Here are some tips on decorating your patio room. They will work well both on new and old patio rooms.

Declutter and Cleanup

A good starting point is to get rid of all the clutter and dust. Quite often, homeowners do not take adequate care of their patio room due to their busy routine. Sweep, vacuum, and declutter it and you will see an instant change.

The Beauty of Plants

Flowering plants and greenery can add life, texture, and beauty to your outdoor living area. You can use some plants at the entrance, and smaller herbs and ornamental plants to liven up the indoors.

Update Furniture

If your patio furniture has started to look old, tired, and worn out then you should consider either replacing it or adding some new furnishings such as cushions and table covers to it.


Lighting can enhance your night time outdoor experience. Add some lights to the perimeter, interior, and pathway, and you will see a huge difference in how your patio room looks.

Bar Cabinet

A bar cabinet can add class and elegance to your patio room and make it a perfect place to host parties and guests.

Window Treatments

You can make your patio room bright, sunny, and spiced up by using some beautiful and energy efficient window blinds. You can use some bright shades and pleasant prints to add aesthetic appeal to your patio room.

Fire Pit

A fire pit or fire place can add warmth to your patio place, and it will turn into a place where you can spend some cozy moments with your family and loved ones.

Water Features

A water feature is a great way to add elegance and beauty to your patio room. The sound and sight of water can be quite comforting and mood boosting.

We hope these tips give you ideas of how you want your patio room to look like. Contact AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 and discuss your plans to refurbish and spruce up your patio room.

Photo credit: Texas Custom Patios via Flickr

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