Six Essentials for a Modern Luxury Bath Remodel

luxury bath

Six Essentials for a Modern Luxury Bath Remodel

Imagine upgrading your bathroom to a luxury spa and retreat.

luxury bath

The bathrooms of yesteryear focused on the utility of the bathroom, while modern bathroom designs emphasize luxurious comfort and turn basic washrooms into relaxing getaways where homeowners can unwind after a hectic day. There are some essential elements that add aesthetic appeal, comfort, and functionality to modern bathrooms. Our St. Louis bathroom remodeling expert recommends must-have elements to include in a modern bath remodel.

1. Luxury Showers

Today, homeowners are seeking a spa-like environment within the comfort of their homes. Showers are getting an upscale treatment. Multiple-head showers and walk-in showers are becoming more popular as a way to add a touch of glamour and increased functionality to the bathroom. The latest trend is to make showers larger, eliminate the bathtub, and use glass panels and doors to open up the feel of the shower. Even in smaller bathrooms, shower walls can be completely done away with.

2. Floors with Radiant Heat

In winter, the worst feeling is to step on a cold bathroom floor after a warm shower. Floors with radiant heat are a great option as they allow you to walk around barefoot comfortably, and they also heat the entire bathroom more efficiently compared to other traditional heating systems. It also eliminates the problem of warm air rising to the ceiling. The system works by embedding a layer of hot water tubes or wires under laminate, tile, or linoleum flooring.

3. Greener Functionality

Luxury is often associated with a greater carbon footprint, but this is not always the case. There is technology available that allows you to update a bathroom without adversely affecting the environment. Some greener upgrades that you can include in a bathroom remodel are hands-free faucets, smart showerheads, dual flush toilets, and on-demand hot water systems. These upgrades reduce water consumption and wastage.

4. Steam Rooms

Steam rooms are a great choice for homeowners looking for spa-like comfort and pampering. With a steam room in your bathroom, you will never again want to spend money at a spa. However, homeowners should bear in mind that to have a steam room installed in the bathroom, they will need to make changes to manage drainage and condensation. The tiles might also need to be changed to ensure that they resist moisture well.

5. Stone, Glass, and Porcelain Tile

Bid adieu to outdated finishes such as linoleum and glazed bathroom tiles and welcome elegant, luxurious, and stylish finishes. Stone, glass, and porcelain tiles are becoming hugely popular. There are tile options available to suit every kind of budget, look, and feel.

6. Entertainment Systems

As we talk of turning the bathroom into a relaxing retreat, it makes sense to add some type of entertainment system to the bathroom. Music systems and flat screen TVs are making their way into bathrooms as a means of entertainment and relaxation for people who want to make the most of the time they spend in the bathroom.

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