Remodeling Your Parents Bathroom

St. Louis Customized Bathroom

Remodeling Your Parents Bathroom

Consider the gift of a customized bathroom, specifically designed for the needs of the elderly.

St Louis Customized BathroomThis holiday season, instead of the bathrobe and electric razor that you normally give to your parents, why not consider the gift of a bathroom renovation? A customized bathroom specifically suited to the needs of the elderly and their safety is a perfect gift to show how much your care about them and their comfort.

Safety Concerns

Safely bathing is one of an elderly persons biggest bathroom concerns. Research shows that 1/3rd of people over the age of 60 have difficulty getting into and out of the tub or shower. They fear that they may fall as they step over the edge of the tub. Consider installing a trackless shower enclosure with a folding shower door.  Make sure it is roomy enough to house a bathroom seat as some of the elderly prefer to sit as they take a shower.

Built In Features

Have your bathroom renovation contractor install an overhead shower fixture that can easily convert to a handheld. If mom prefers a hot bath, treat her to a walk-in tub. It is deeper than a standard bathtub and is equipped with a built in door that allows the user to enter with ease. An added bonus is the built in seat. Be sure that with either of these choices, non-skid strips are applied to the floor surface.

Check to see that the toilet is not too low to the ground. Aging parents may begin to have difficulty standing up and sitting down. Adding inches to the toilet seat can make this process easier on them.

Have your bathroom renovation expert install grab bars in both the shower and bath as well as next to the toilet to provide your parents with a further sense of security. Since tiled floors are slippery, consider having a textured floor installed to help minimize falls.

Thinking Ahead For The Future

Consider whether or not someone may need to use a wheelchair in the future. If there is a possibility of this then now is the time to make the bathroom wheelchair accessible just in case. Have the door leading into the bathroom widened. Make sure that the shower you chose has enough space for a wheelchair. Lower the height of the sink and install a pedestal model so that there is room to pull a wheelchair up to it.

Have some fun with your bathroom renovation gift. Choose color patterns that you know appeal to your parents. Consider adding more lighting fixtures to make it easier for them to see. Accessorize the space in a style that you know they will both love. If boating was a passion of theirs then set that as the theme of the space, or flowers if they love to garden. Ask your bathroom renovation contractor for any tips to help personalize your gift. Your options are endless.

Start Planning

A bathroom renovation specifically designed for your parents changing needs is a unique way of showing just how much you care and will be much greater appreciated than your usual tie and cookbook gifts.  Request a free consultation with AAA Remodeling Company to access your needs.  Call us at (314)843 – 3030.

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