Planning Your Kitchen Remodel on a Budget


Planning Your Kitchen Remodel on a Budget

Setting a budget for your kitchen remodel project and sticking with it may harder than you may think.


A kitchen remodel is a major investment into the value of your home, so you do not want to cut corners. However, you will also want to stay within your budget. Here are some ways you and your St. Louis kitchen remodeling company can work together towards making sure that you stay on budget.

The First Steps in Planning

There are two things to consider when researching the cost of a kitchen remodel. The first of course is how much you can afford to spend. Take a realistic look at your expenses and make sure that a kitchen remodel is not going to stretch your budget too far.

The next thing to consider is how long you are planning on staying in the house. If you think you are going to be selling your home within the next five years, then only budget for a kitchen remodel where you are going to recoup the cost in the added value to your home. If you and your family plan on staying in the house for longer than that, then budget for extras that are going to ensure that your family is more comfortable in the kitchen.

How the Budget Will Break Down

The two biggest costs to your kitchen remodel are going to be new cabinets and labor. Expect the cabinets to take up close to 35% of your budget and 20% for labor. Choosing kitchen appliances will also be around 20% of your budget, and the rest of your budget is left for fixtures, flooring, and special fittings. Plan for surprises and have money set aside to handle them. Anything can happen once you start ripping out old appliances and floor boards.

Plan Around Your Priorities

Talk with your kitchen remodeling contractor about your priorities and those areas that you may be able to cut back on. For example, if your existing cabinets are still functional, you may be able to give them a facelift instead of replacing them. Consider what is most important to your ideal kitchen and prioritize your budget to ensure that the finished product is one that you are thrilled with.

Check on Your Budget Continuously

Your budget should be discussed with the kitchen remodel team before the project begins. They are the experts and will be able to offer you ideas to create the kitchen of your dreams without breaking the bank. Once the work is started, check the expenses being accrued regularly and see if they are in line with your budget. This will help to prevent a last minute surge at the end when there is only a small amount of funds left. By keeping up with it, you can make small adjustments through out the project to ensure that it can be completed without going over.

The biggest budget buster is almost always the homeowner and sudden ideas that are not included in the budget. Keep that in mind before making spur of the moment changes. If you suddenly decide that a convection oven is what you want, you may have to make a cutback somewhere else. The best way to stay in budget is with continued communication with your kitchen remodel team and close scrutiny of your budget.

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