Nine Tips for Gearing Up For a Kitchen Remodel

Nine Tips for Gearing Up For a Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling may sound really exciting, and you might be feeling on top of the world thinking about how amazing your kitchen is going to look a few weeks from now.

kitchen-remodelHowever, the whole excitement can go down the drain if you are not geared up for the massive project that is going to leave you without a kitchen for days or maybe weeks.

So, here are a few simple tips that can help you prepare for your kitchen remodeling project in a way that your normal life is disrupted to a minimum:

• Speak to your kitchen remodeling company, and ask them about the exact dates during which the work will take place.

• Identify a place in your house that can act as a makeshift kitchen for the time that the actual one will be non-operational. There should be enough space to keep a small oven or hot plate, coffee maker, some dishes, and other important appliances.

• Once you have kept aside all the essential small equipment that you will need, pack or cover all other appliances and store them in the garage or any other available space. Use bubble wrap or their original packing material to pack and store the appliances.

• Designate a place to keep your refrigerator. If it is not possible to move your refrigerator from its location, you should consider investing in a small refrigerator if your kitchen remodeling project is expected to last long.

• To prepare your kitchen for a makeover, remove all the wall hangings, mirrors, pictures, or any furnishings not only from the kitchen walls, but also from the walls adjoining the kitchen. This is important, because during the kitchen remodeling work these things can fall and get damaged.

• If you have any furniture in your kitchen, you should either move it to a different location, or cover it with plastic sheets to prevent any damage during the remodeling work.

• To keep the dust from circulating all over the house, you should seal all doors leading to other rooms with plastic or some other stuff.

• Since you won’t have the luxury of a dishwasher for the next few days, and you will have to make arrangements for that. Unless you plan to eat all your meals outside (which is practically impossible), you should stock up on disposables. You will be able to cook (or reheat) some food in your makeshift kitchen and have it in the disposables.

• Build up your inventory on some non-perishable snacks and pre-cooked foods. You can also prepare food in advance and store it for later use. This will save you the hassle and burden of eating out or bringing in take-out foods.

Surviving a kitchen remodel is not as difficult as it may seem. All you need to do is plan and organize everything well in advance. If you have any kitchen remodeling dreams, just get in touch with AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777, and we will try our best to turn them into reality.

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