Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling: Basic Do’s and Don’ts

kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling: Basic Do’s and Don’ts

Here are 10 tips to consider when planning your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project.

kitchen and bathroom remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be both exciting and daunting. We often hear stories of frustrated homeowners who had to spend more than they had anticipated, and whose remodeling project took longer than planned to complete. This can motivate you to plan your next home remodeling project to avoid those pitfalls.

5 Things to Do

  1. Take the personality of the contractor into account. Since the contractor will be in your home every day, it is essential for the homeowner to freely discuss the project with the contractor and communicate on a daily basis.
  2. Enter into a formal contract with the contractor. The contract should include the start and end dates of the project, total cost of the project, including the handling of any add-ons in the project, and conditions for any untimely termination of the contract. It may be advisable for homeowners to consult a lawyer when the contract is being discussed.
  3. Be cautious with contractors who are hesitant in providing a timeline for the remodeling project. Whenever a contractor is reluctant in giving a timeline for the project, it may indicate that he or she has numerous contracts to complete, and it can affect the timely completion of  your project.
  4. Get some form of legal protection. Homeowners may wish to seek an Affidavit of Final Release upon the completion of the project and after the final payment is given. This protects homeowners from any liabilities in third-party claims.
  5. Conduct a final inspection of the project. Review the entire project together with the contractor. The contractor should provide a list of small items in the project that still have to be completed.

5 Things to Avoid

  1. Do not be a micro-manager of the project. However, it is advisable for homeowners to meet with the contractor on a regular basis to discuss any developments.
  2. Do not be uninformed about regulations and permits. Homeowners should take time to get information about any requirements of the local building department that may have an effect on the design of the project. However, homeowners should allow the contractor or architect to make the necessary applications for any permits required for the project.
  3. Do not overlook checking behind the walls. Antiquated wiring installations and other costly surprises may not be easily noticed. Homeowners should ask their contractor to make small openings in strategic areas before the remodeling project starts.
  4. Do not allow the contractor to begin demolishing any part of the home until all the new materials and equipment are ready. These materials and equipment may include windows, cabinets, and appliances.
  5. Do not allow children or pets to be a distraction during construction. Homeowners with young children or pets may want to consider childcare and pet care during the remodeling project. This will ensure everyone’s safety.

Use a St. Louis Home Remodeling Company

These basic do’s and don’ts will help ensure that your St. Louis kitchen or bathroom remodeling project is completed properly, on time, and at a minimum cost.  AAA Remodeling Company has been helping St. Louis homeowners with their home remodeling projects for over 50 years. Call us today at (636) 349-5777.

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