Is It Important to Remodel Your Home Before Selling It?

Is It Important to Remodel Your Home Before Selling It?

Homeowners are sometimes advised by realtors to give their home a new paint job when preparing it for sale, while others tell them to remodel the entire kitchen.

The first thing a homeowner should do is check the effect of a large-scale remodeling project on the sale of the house as well as the price they can expect to sell it. The selling price is expected to go up when the size or square footage of the house is increased. However, this is a kitchen remodel is an expensive home remodeling project and takes time to accomplish. There are some small-scale yet equally effective projects that homeowners can use to increase the marketability of their homes.

Upgrading the Bathroom

It may be advisable to put in an additional bathroom in a house that only has one. However, it will be cost-effective if the existing bathroom is upgraded. Although existing plumbing and fixtures should not be modified, broken fittings should be repaired or replaced. Neutral colors can be used and the features should complement the rest of the house.

Transforming the Attic

The attic can be transformed into an office or bedroom, which will increase the value of the house. A professional remodeling company should be hired to maximize the space available in the attic. The return on investment can be good if the remodeling project is done well.

Refinishing the Floor

Wall-to-wall carpeting was popular in the 60s and 70s. These days, people are more inclined to natural living and may consider carpeting out-of-date. Hardwood flooring can be used to replace the carpeting and tiles. The existing hardwood flooring of houses should be refinished to enhance its marketability. Although the monetary investment is minimal, it may take some time to finish the project. However, the return on investment will be huge since the floor will be a main selling feature of the house.


Landscaping may include the addition of an outdoor kitchen, terraced garden or a stone-lined veranda. Since modern families spend more time outside the house, the appeal of the house will be enhanced if the garden and lawn are attractive.

Homeowners should consider other upgrades and remodeling projects that may increase the value of the house. How the house was maintained will determine the degree of renovation it will need. Since homebuyers today want to move in as soon as the deal is made, it will be difficult for contractors to remodel the house before the homebuyer will move in. These homebuyers want the house to be ready for them to move in.

Small-scale remodeling projects can be more cost-effective compared to major projects. A number of small-scale remodeling projects can be made on a house using the same budget and time required for major projects. However, it is essential to finish the project well to ensure that the homebuyer will find the house appealing enough to buy.

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