How Your Bathroom Can Make or Break the Sale of Your Home

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How Your Bathroom Can Make or Break the Sale of Your Home

Everyone loves a bathroom that is clean and functional, and exudes comfortable and tranquil ambience.

When making a decision about buying a property, buyers tend to scrutinize the bathrooms more closely than any other room in the house. Even though the decision to purchase a home is based on how the house appeals to in its entirety, in many cases your bathrooms can make or break the sale. Many St. Louis homeowners decide to remodel their bathrooms before putting their house on the market.

It is important to keep in mind that a bathroom remodel does not have to entail an expenditure that will break your bank. The idea is simply to create a bathroom that is appealing and adds value to your home. Here are some basic remodeling tips that will help you prep your bathroom before you put your house up for sale.

Clean up your bathroom

Start by de-cluttering and cleaning the bathroom. With years of use, it is likely that the corners of your bathroom may be dirty and you tiles may be stained. Make sure you get into the corners and give them a deep cleaning.

Neutralize the bathroom

Your bathroom is a reflection of your taste and personality. With a bathroom remodel, your aim should be to get rid of that personal touch and make it neutral so that it appeals to buyers of all tastes.

Make sure the plumbing is in order

If there are any leakages or broken plumbing, make sure you get them repaired instantly. Clean all the vents and repair the cupboards and drawers.

Make the room look bigger

Even a small bathroom can be made to look bigger with some small changes. A fresh coat of neutral paint or a large mirror on one mall can create the illusion of an open space. Remember, buyers prefer more open space than a tiny cramped bathroom.

Replace the fixtures

If you have not replaced the fixtures in past few years, it is time you do it to give a facelift to your bathroom. Get new taps, shower heads, towel tracks, and other fixtures. If you can afford to invest in energy efficient fixtures, that will be an added advantage.

Add more storage space

If you think your bathroom lacks storage space, you should add a few cabinets to store toiletries, linens, and other essentials. The more efficient the storage in your bathroom, the more it will appeal to the buyers.

Improve the lighting

Lighting can play a huge role in improving the look and feel of your bathroom. Even a small and dark bathroom can be brought to life with better and efficient lighting.

Add a touch of luxury

A touch of luxury here and there can make a big difference. A spray shower, new sink, or a classy new mirror goes a long way in enhancing the appeal of the bathroom.

With these remodeling ideas, you can surely create a bathroom that will impress buyers, and enhance the value of your property. Get in touch with our St. Louis bathroom remodeling team today to discuss your project in detail. Call (636) 349-5777!

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