How To Remodel Your Bathroom On a Budget

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How To Remodel Your Bathroom On a Budget

Give your bathroom a fresh new look with these simple and affordable tips.

affordable-bathroom-remodelThe cost of a complete bathroom remodel may discourage you from taking up the project. However, it is possible to remodel your bathroom without spending a fortune, while improving its functionality and its appearance. Here are some bathroom remodeling ideas for homeowners on a budget. Also, check out these additional low cost bathroom remodeling ideas.

Start With the Tiles

The appearance of the entire bathroom can be changed when cracked and broken tiles are replaced, as well as fixing the grout. Consider changing the color of the tiles. Cleaning and whitening the grout can work wonders to enhance the look of the bathroom.

Repaint the Walls

Repainting the walls or replacing the wallpaper will freshen the appearance of the bathroom. It is necessary that you remove mildew on the walls before repainting it. Use neutral wall colors, and contrasting wall colors can be used for highlighting certain areas in the bathroom. Purchasing the paint during paint sales can increase your savings.

Renovate Wood Cabinets and Trim

Waterproof latex paint should be used to repaint wood cabinets and wood trims on the floor and windows. Any broken parts or dents on wood cabinets should be fixed before staining, varnishing, or painting them.

Replace Bathroom Fixtures

Replace old bathroom fixtures with new fixtures, which can be purchased from thrift shops, flea markets, or online stores. Changing the door handles of a repainted cabinet gives it a completely new look. Newly-purchased fixtures can also be repainted to give them an innovative look. Replace the shower head, faucets, and soap holders. Mismatches inside the bathroom can be easily remedied by simply repainting them to allow them to complement each other.

Refurbish the Floor

Refurbishing the flooring can give it a hygienic appearance. Wood flooring should be sanded before it is varnished. Old linoleum can be replaced with vinyl tiles or the wood base can be given a new finish. Any carpets inside the bathroom should be removed, since it can cause moisture and mildew to accumulate.

Change Up the Accessories

Using accessories in the bathroom will complete its new look. The curtain rings, shower curtains, and towels can be replaced with new ones. Using colorful rugs and pictures can also enhance the look of the bathroom. Remodeling your bathroom does not have to cost a fortune if you start with an idea on what to work on to enhance its overall appearance. Call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 for a free consultation. We will help you give a face lift to your bathroom within your budget.

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