How to Choose the Most Ideal Kitchen Sink

How to Choose the Most Ideal Kitchen Sink

If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, the significance of choosing the right sink cannot be overestimated.


The heart of the house is the kitchen, and, probably, the heart of the kitchen is the sink. No wonder: the sink has a part in almost every process that has to be done in the kitchen. Food preparation, cleaning and even cooking has to be supported by this essential piece. The significance of choosing the right sink when remodeling your kitchen cannot be overestimated and the intention of this article is to provide a short and simple introduction to the most popular materials and designs in use on the market when it comes to kitchen sinks.


By far the most popular material nowadays in use is stainless steel. No surprise, the stain and rust resistance of this material, the durability and versatility of this metal makes it an ideal choice for kitchen sinks. Stainless steel sinks come in almost every possible design and compared to other option,s they tend to be reasonably priced. The only weakness of stainless steel can be found in their popularity – no chins will be dropped by even the most profoundly designed sink if it is made of this common material.

Cast iron sinks have a long tradition. This material has been used for creating sinks for a very long time. Their glossy enamel finish is what makes these sinks very appealing in the eyes of most people. On the downside they are extremely heavy and usually cost more than the stainless steel ones.

Composite sinks are made of granite or quartz mixed with some resin filler. These sinks have the same values from an aesthetic point of view as granite or quartz, but they tend to be more durable than plain granite or quartz constructions. They are generally a good price and are great alternatives of stainless steel.

Fireclay sinks are the most sophisticated and luxurious choices. Not many of the other materials can compete in appearance with fireclay. On the other hand, these sinks are extremely expensive, so for anyone with a limited budget for kitchen remodeling, a fireclay sink will most likely remain a distant dream.


It is obvious that kitchen sinks come in an endless variety in regard to shape and design. However, there are some fundamental features according to which a group distinguishing is possible.

An important choice one has to make is whether to go with a single or a double bowl sink design. Double bowls have their obvious advantages over the others, but they require more space to install, furthermore for single persons or small families their additional capacity may turn out to be superfluous.

The popularity of farmhouse sinks is on the rise. These pieces are stylish and are a smart and sophisticated look. They are the best choice in any modern kitchen design. On the downside they are pricey and their installation requires a lot more effort than some of the traditional types.

An additional main distinguishing feature of sinks is that whether they are top or under mount. Top mount sinks are often called drop-in sinks. These types are known for their easy and cheap installation. On the other hand this design is often looked at as obsolete nowadays, and there are some practical issues concerning top mount sinks too. Under mount sinks on the other hand are a lot more appealing for the eye, hiding the edge of the sink under the continuous surface of the kitchen counter it is installed to.

Depending on one’s kitchen remodeling budget and taste, any of the former constructions can work perfectly well in the center of any design. Do not hesitate to turn to professionals for further details in case the delicate problem of choosing the right sink still proves to be unsolvable.

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