Finding The Perfect Flooring For Your Kitchen

Finding The Perfect Flooring For Your Kitchen

Take time to choose a kitchen floor that fits perfectly into your new kitchen remodel.

st-louis-kitchen-remodeling (5)You and your kitchen remodel expert have decided on your optimal floor plan. It has been mapped out and the ideal appliances have been chosen for the space. Your next order of business is to discuss flooring options with the expert. Homeowners are no longer limited to what design they like best on the linoleum roll. Instead you have options in material, design, and color. You should take your time to choose a floor that fits perfectly with your lifestyle.

Vinyl: The Budget Friendly Choice

Vinyl is the budget friendly choice in kitchen flooring. It is versatile and easy to clean. A perfect solution in a home full of kids as it is both waterproof and resistant to staining. The backing can be either felt or foam providing a soft cushion in a room where you spend a lot of time on your feet. With vinyl you have a choice of a single sheet or peel and stick tiles. The sheet is the better choice as it is seamless to prevent liquids from seeping underneath. Installation is easy and can usually be completed in one day. The only major drawback to vinyl is the chemicals they release that can contribute to a home’s level of air pollutants.

Ceramic: Sophistication and Durability

Ceramic tiles have become a popular option for kitchen floors. They give a kitchen a sophisticated feel and are more durable than other available types of materials. Like vinyl they are also stain resistant and easy to clean. When sealed properly by a home improvement expert they are also waterproof. It is recommended that you choose a style that has been certified slip resistant, especially in a home with children or elderly members. The hard surface is probably its biggest downfall, but that can easily be resolved with well placed floor mats. A professional is needed in order to install ceramic tile correctly.

Cork: Unconventional Yet Versatile

Unconventional, but versatile, cork is also a nice choice in a kitchen setting. Its spongy surface makes it a great solution for a busy cook who spends a good deal of time on their feet in the kitchen. Cork is not waterproof, so the floor will need to be treated with a topcoat protectant every few years. Installing a cork floor is difficult and should only be entrusted to an experienced kitchen remodel expert.

Wood: The Enduring Classic

Your final choice is the classic wood floor. There are low cost options that can give the look of real wood without breaking your budget. This is a laminate that has a photograph of wood embedded in its layers. The material used is extremely resilient to stains and scratches. Engineered wood is backed by plywood and is resistant to high levels of humidity. They can be finished with a veneer that will help withstand foot traffic and water. Water is the biggest enemy of a wood floor and can cause serious damage to it if the floor is not treated regularly.

The flooring you choose for your complete kitchen remodel will make a big difference not only in the rooms appearance, but also in its functionality. Unlike other areas in your home, the kitchen has a higher traffic flow and more exposure to moisture. Take all of that into consideration when discussing flooring options with AAA Remodeling Company.  Call today at (636) 349-5777.


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