remodeled kitchen in St. Louis

Family Grows, Family Changes, So Does Your Kitchen

Welcome Family Growth with a Kitchen Remodel

remodeled kitchen in St. Louis

You had your family 30 years ago and now you have grandchildren and your family is growing and changing into a new direction.  If you want your kitchen to welcome this new family change, then it may be time to remodel.  If you like to cook and entertain family and friends plus open your home for the holidays perhaps you may think not only more space but also that your kitchen works better.  If you have lived in your home many years, like so many families, you most likely have collected recipes, different types of cook ware, baking dishes, etc., therefore, it would be nice to have a larger maybe eight burner stove, refrigerator with drawers and a nice size island where the top is nothing but work space and then drawers all around for extra storage.  You have the option of many different types of surfaces for your island such as Mother of Pearl quartz.  Its beautiful white stone brings sparkle to your kitchen and at the same time Marble is enduring.  You don’t have to worry about stains such as when the kids sit something down, they will rub right out.  You can also have a round wood tabletop at one of the corners of the island.  This way if you want to utilize the island for eating, there is a place for the children and other family members so all of you can eat together and enjoy conversation and laughter.

If you like old and new together, that’s no problem.  You can do this by composing beautiful stains with comfortable originality and feeling warm and cozy at the same time.  You have the choice of many different styles and at the same time give attention to the family and also friends with good food and conversation.

So don’t be concerned about your family growing and changing for your kitchen can change too and bring you so much enjoyment and love that connects you with your family.  For more information contact the experts at AAA Remodeling Company (636) 349-5777.

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