Estimating the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Estimating the Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

With a tax refund in hand, many St. Louis homeowners are looking to remodel areas in their home.

bathroom-remodel-ideasOne of the first places many consider is the bathroom, which suffers the most aesthetically due to the constant moisture found in the air. Other reasons to consider a complete bathroom remodel include a high return on your investment if you ever consider selling the home, and being able to turn what used to be a purely functional space in your home into a warm and relaxing environment.

Establishing a Budget

Once you decide that the bathroom is the room to be remodeled, you need to get in touch with a reputable St. Louis home remodeling expert to ascertain where to begin and how much it will cost. Determining the cost of the complete bathroom remodel depends on a variety of factors that you need to go over with your remodeling team. While remodeling a small space with no structural changes or major purchases can be as low as $4,000, bathroom remodels can run to over $15,000 when the homeowner wants to include luxury upgrades.

Getting an Accurate Estimate

Since the bathroom is generally the smallest room in the house, it is usually not hard to get an accurate estimate from your remodeling company once they go over a few basics with you. Things that immediately carry a high price tag is installing new fixtures like sinks or bathtubs. If you are able to fit the existing fixtures into your design plan, you will go a long way in staying clear of a five digit price tag.

What Are Your Priorities?

List out your priorities with the home remodeling team. Do you absolutely have to have granite countertops? Does the lighting need to be changed? Do not forget to consider the finishing touches you will be purchasing at the end, such as towel rods, area carpets, and toothbrush holders. Once you have your list complete, your contractor should be able to show you which items will fit into your budget.

It is important that you do prioritize function over aesthetics with a bathroom remodel. That’s not to say that you can’t consider heated tiles, but not by sacrificing replacing an outdated bathtub. Your home improvement expert will be able to help you stream line your list in order for you to add some luxury to the bathroom without going over your budget.

Environment Friendly Options

Consider adding environmentally friendly options to your bathroom remodel like water reducing faucets and fixtures. This is a good way to see an immediate return on your investment with decreased utility bills, while at the same time changing the look of the space into a more appealing one.

While it may seem intimidating to spend your entire refund remodeling just one room in your home, consider it as an investment. A complete bathroom remodel will recover almost all of the monies spent when the house is sold. Considering that the bathroom is the second most frequented room in the home, you should be looking at ways to improve on its appearance and functionality. Contact AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 for a free consultation.

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