Eight Home Remodeling Ideas That Can Add Value to Your Property

Eight Home Remodeling Ideas That Can Add Value to Your Property

Home remodeling is a great way to add functionality, space, or aesthetic value to your property.

St. Louis Remodeling CompanyThe properties that have undergone remodeling or renovation in the recent past fetch much higher prices in the market. However, not all remodeling projects pay off equally well. Some remodeling projects add more value to the property than others. Here are some remodeling and renovation ideas that can increase the value of your home:

  • Kitchen remodeling: The kitchen is considered the heart of a home, and any modifications to it can substantially enhance the value of the property. New counter tops, cabinets, and energy efficient appliances can go a long way to improving the functionality and value of the kitchen.
  • Reinventing a bedroom or adding an attic bedroom: Adding even a small amount of living space can greatly enhance the value of a property. A good way to add more living space is by creating an attic bedroom. However, if you are short on budget, you can refurbish one of your existing bedrooms and increase space and functionality.
  • Bathroom remodeling: An additional bathroom or a complete bathroom remodel with new fittings, bath tub, shower area, and cabinets can do wonders to the value of your property.
  • Deck addition: Outdoor living spaces are becoming hugely popular among home owners. Homes with patio rooms or attics command higher prices than similar properties in the same area. If you have some extra space in the backyard, front yard, or on the deck you should consider hiring a remodeling company and turn that space into an outdoor living area.
  • Energy efficient windows: By replacing your old, worn out glass windows with stylish and energy efficient windows with new drapes or blinds, you can add value to the property. The investment in energy efficient windows pays itself off in a short period of time.
  • Refurbish basement: Home remodeling experts believe that basement finishing can increase the value of your property to a great extent. Turning the basement into an additional room increases the living space and makes the property more valuable. You can create a lounge, children’s play area, or a sport’s den in the basement.
  • Enhance curb appeal: As they say, a first impression is the last impression. So, there is a lot that you can do to enhance the curb appeal of your home. You can plant some trees, improve landscaping, put up solar lights on the walkways, and do a whole lot of other things to boost curb appeal, and in turn, increase the value of your house.
  • Paint: It may seem a little unimportant, but a fresh coat of paint in pleasant and neutral shades can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house and add value.

If you too are thinking about investing in a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, or a complete overhaul of the property, you can get in touch with AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 and discuss your plans.  Keep in mind the above mentioned remodeling ideas when you plan out your project, and you will surely enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and of course, the value of your property.

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