Do You Need to Make Your Bathroom Safer?

bathroom remodel

Do You Need to Make Your Bathroom Safer?

These safety features for your bathroom are especially important for young children and elderly family members.

bathroom remodel

A bathroom makeover is the perfect way to add functionality and aesthetic appeal. Bathroom remodeling offers a high return on investment compared to other home improvement projects. If you have not made any changes to your bathroom in the last few years, consider planning a bath remodel now. You can focus on making your bathroom modern, beautiful, and safer. According to the latest statistics available, as many as 235,000 people report to emergency rooms every year with an injury that occurred in the bathroom. If you have children or elderly family member, it is important to take steps to make the bathroom a safer place.

Bathroom Safety Features

Home remodeling is the perfect way to enhance the safety of the bathroom. With the help of a professional remodeling company, homeowners can take steps to enhance the safety features of the bathroom in a way that accidents such as slips and falls can be prevented. This is even more important if there are children or senior citizens in the family, who may be more prone to such accidents. Here are some steps that our remodeling experts from AAA Remodeling Company recommend to increase the safety of the bathroom.

Low-Threshold Showers and Walk-In Tubs

Research shows that more than a third of accidents that occur in a bathroom happen while showering or bathing. With a low-threshold shower and walk-in tub, you can make the bathroom safer, not just for people with restricted mobility, but for everyone else in the family as well.

Slip Resistant Flooring

A large number of injuries that occur in the bathroom occur as a result of a slip and fall on wet floors. More accidents occur while stepping out of the shower or tub than while stepping into the bath. Consider upgrading the flooring and increasing the traction. There are many flooring options with an anti-slip finish available in the market.

Safety Grab Bars

Install safety bars in the bath tub, shower, and near the toilet to offer support, stability and prevent falls. This is particularly important in bathrooms that are used by senior citizens.

St. Louis Bathroom Remodeling

There are several other safety features that you can include in your bathroom to make it safer for use by all family members. Call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 to discuss your bathroom remodeling plans. We will help you can turn your outdated bathroom into an elegant and modern bathroom, adding significant value to your home.

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