Convert Your Tub Into a Walk-In Shower

Convert Your Tub Into a Walk-In Shower

A walk-in shower is much safer and certainly more convenient.Walk in Shower

Are you still taking showers in the bathtub but are nervous because of how slippery it’s surface can be? Or, you may just be tired of having an out-dated tub taking up so much space in your bathroom. Whatever the reason, you may be thinking of replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower.  Here are some reasons why it is a good idea to make this change:

  • A modern, fresh look. Replacing an old, out-dated bathtub with a modern, walk-in shower will instantly give your bathroom a facelift.  You will feel good about using your new shower and will like the impression it will make on your friends and family.
  • Less to clean. A shower’s surface space is less than a bathtub’s. This means less to clean. Also, unlike a tub, there is no awkward edge to bend over while cleaning.
  • Safety first! A tubs surface can be slippery due to the bath products that are used. Also, the material a bathtub is made out of can be more slick. With a shower, there are a variety of non-slip flooring options to choose from to make your shower experience safe.

If you have been thinking about a bathroom remodel by converting your existing bathtub into a shower, contact our remodeling professionals at AAA Remodeling Company today by calling (636) 349-5777. You may also fill out our online contact form to request a consultation.

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