Choosing The Right Appliances As You Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

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Choosing The Right Appliances As You Plan Your Kitchen Remodel

Now that you have laid out a floor plan for your kitchen remodel the next step is picking the right appliances.

St. Louis Kitchen RemodelingThere are thousands of options to choose from, and as this is an expensive, long term investment in your home, you want to make sure that you choose models that will work for you and your family for many years. Ask your home improvement expert to help you make the right decisions.

Choosing The Largest Kitchen Appliance

The biggest kitchen appliance you need to consider is the refrigerator. Do not allow yourself to be talked in to an expensive model complete with a hundred features that you have no use for. Think about your needs. Do you have a large family and like to cook? Then a big refrigerator is going to give you more storage room. Some models even have a small door built into the main one that allows you to store frequently used items, like juice, in a spot convenient for kids to get a hold of on their own. Plus you will save energy by not having the refrigerator fully opened every time someone gets thirsty. You have the choice of a side by side, freezer on top, or freezer on the bottom. Some units even have a digital, programmable control built right into the door. Also consider accessibility to a water source if you want a unit that makes ice and dispenses water.

Do You Love To Cook?

Next stop is your oven and stove. Consider how you cook. Are you a novice or an expert? Do you want the convenience of a slow start up that an electric range gives, or are you better suited for the accuracy of gas? An expert cook may even prefer a convection oven for the even heat distribution it offers. You can choose from a single free standing stove/oven combination or you can have a stove top built into the counter and the oven into cabinet space. The choice is yours. One thing people do not think about, but is very important, is the ventilation. Stoves need to have a ventilation fan built in over them to help pull smoke and heat out of the kitchen. Many people believe that the stove has to be located on an outside wall because of this, but a kitchen remodel expert can show you how, with a little extra duct work, a vent can be installed anywhere in the kitchen. One convenient choice is an over the stove microwave with a fan built in to the bottom. This is a great choice if you don’t want to lose counter space to a bulky freestanding microwave.

“I Need A Dishwasher!”

Some may argue that a dishwasher is not a necessary appliance in a kitchen. Tell that to the working mom with three kids. Here you have the choice of a simple model, or elaborate ones that give you hidden controls and noise reductors. A nice option if your kitchen is next to your family room. Dishwashers have improved over the years and you can now find many that let you control everything from the water temperature to the run time. This is a great way to cut down on your utility bill.

Get Ready To Shop

Now you are ready to shop, almost. Before you hit the appliance store call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 to help you take measurements of the spaces in your floor plan for the appliances. You want to make sure that everything fits perfectly and can be opened without obstruction.

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