Choosing the Best Colors for Your Bathroom

remodel bathroom

Choosing the Best Colors for Your Bathroom

Turn you vision of a St. Louis bathroom remodel into a reality!

remodel bathroom

Choosing colors for your bathroom can be an overwhelming task, considering the huge variety of choices available in the market. Here are some simple things that you can do to choose the best color for your bathroom.

Look for Inspiration

Seek inspiration from other rooms in your house and see which color combinations appeal to you the most.

Consider Your Trim

Once you have chosen several possible colors, paint swatches of these colors next to the trim to get an idea of how well they complement or contrast each other.

Try Different Samples

After you have chosen your favorite colors, try these different samples on different parts of the bathroom to check how they look.

Use Accessories To Introduce Pattern

You can use accessories in interesting colors to create beautiful patterns in your bathroom. Add some color with window treatments and rugs.

Consider Your Mood

Your choice of color for your bathroom will largely depend on the mood that you want to create when you give your bathroom a makeover. Do you consider your bathroom a place where you can relax or rejuvenate? Is it a place that should look fun and interesting? You can play with colors to create the mood.

Go Neutral

If you think adding too much color will make the bathroom look cluttered, stick to neutral hues. You can paint the whole bathroom in neutrals and add a complementary color to one wall.

Experiment with Bright Colors

Consider adding a punch of bright color to the bathroom. This will work particularly well if the trim and furniture are in white or another neutral color.

Maintain Color Continuity

Using many different colors can back fire and even make your bathroom look smaller. If you are short on space, consider using the same color on your walls as that on your furniture. You can also match your wall color with the color of your cabinets or sink.

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