Choosing Furniture For Your Patio Room

Choosing Furniture For Your Patio Room

Make your patio room versatile with a careful selection of furniture.


With a wide range of patio furniture designs available in the market, it is not difficult to ensure that the patio is an ideal outdoor living and entertaining space for the entire family. St. Louis remodeling experts advise the use of practical and aesthetically-pleasing furniture for the patio. Such pieces of furniture enhance both the look and functionality of the patio.

Uses of a Patio

First decide on the exact reason why you want a patio for your home. Decide whether you want to use the patio room for entertaining guests or regular family barbecues. A patio room can also be used as a place to relax and rejuvenate. These factors will help you decide on the best furniture to use for your patio. The material of the furniture not only determines the functionality and aesthetic value, but also its versatility.

Different Types of Furniture

  • Patio furniture made of concrete, stone, or manufactured stone will last for an extended period of time.
  • While furniture made of timber is ideal for outdoor use, it is normally more suitable for large-sized patios, since they are often semi-permanent or permanent fixtures on the patio. The only exceptions are fold away tables and chairs made of timber, which can be easily put away when they are not needed.
  • Patio furniture made of aluminium is lightweight and weather-resistant, which makes it perfect for smaller-sized patios. Fold away tables and stackable chairs are ideal for homeowners who want to use the patio for occasional parties, and cast aluminium patio furniture is perfect for formal events organized in the patio room.
  • Although wrought-iron patio furniture is heavy and not rust-proof, it is favored over other types of patio furniture. These materials are ideal for covered patios, but they should be well-maintained.
  • Wicker patio furniture is not only lightweight, it also looks good. However, it is advisable for patios that are well-protected from the elements.
  • Plastic or resin patio furniture is ideal for open patios since they can endure rain and direct sunlight. They are also lightweight and easy to clean.

Designs for Patio Furniture

Homeowners have a huge selection of patio furniture designs to choose from depending on the material they prefer to use. Resin wicker furniture is advisable for homeowners who are concerned about the durability of wicker furniture. Cast aluminium is better compared to wrought iron furniture since it is lighter and durable.

Compatibility among the different materials for patio furniture is also not an issue since patio dining tables made of teak can be paired with aluminium or plastic lounge chairs and side tables. These materials allow them to be easily moved so that guests can enjoy the outdoor views from the garden if they want. If teamed well, the classic or contemporary design can go well with the permanent patio furniture.

Using appropriate patio furniture renders versatility to the patio rooms. Patio coverings and screens can also be used to convert patios into all-weather rooms, which can be even more appealing than the living room of the house. Consult with a St. Louis remodeling company to help you make the right choice. With the right kind of furniture, you can turn the patio into a great place where you can spend a lazy weekend afternoon chatting with a friend, or reading a good book with a cup of coffee on the side.

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