Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Many buyers will look first at kitchens and bathrooms.  Learn how to make the most of a bathroom remodel project.

bathroom-remodelOne of the biggest questions that anyone who has ever considered remodeling their home is: How much money will I get back when I sell my house? While there is no easy answer, because what buyers are looking for in a house is as individual as the buyers themselves, you can get an idea about what your improvements might be worth and where to invest more.

A Remodeling Project That Will Pay for Itself

It’s a fact that when buying a house, people look first at kitchens and bathrooms. While these rooms can also be the most costly to redo, they are also the remodeling projects that will most likely pay for themselves. A bathroom remodeling project can pay off big for homeowners who are looking to improve their chances of regaining that investment when it comes time to sell.

How to Enlarge the Bathroom

Homeowners with older houses have another challenge: while new bathrooms more than doubled over the last fifty years, bathrooms in homes built before the 1950’s average in size by about 5 feet by 8 feet; not a lot of room to make huge improvements. Not to worry though, there are some simple ways to give your bathroom remodel the illusion of a spacey, more modern bathroom with the right colors and lighting. There are also some inexpensive ways to scale down physically to save space. Future buyers will notice and the money you spend on the bathroom remodel will pay off more than in other areas of the house.

Fitting a comfortable and usable shower into a small bathroom, especially in an older house where ceiling height may come into play, can be a real challenge for your bathroom remodeling project. Although designers say that a shower should measure at least 36 inches square, you can do with 30 inches square. To find out the minimum shower size you need, step inside a few showers at a home improvement store. If you’re doing a complete bathroom remodel, map out a location and size for your shower on the floors and walls using duct tape or a marker. Make sure you plot out enough space to store necessities. Niches in the tile can be a great space saver and make your bathroom remodel look much bigger.

Creating the Illusion of Space

A key to making your bathroom remodel a success is creating the illusion of space, even if you haven’t cleared up the physical space. When you remodel your bathroom, use a glass enclosure for your bathtub/shower area. Using a shower curtain will visually separate the bathroom. A glass enclosure will create a subtle and visual divider between your main area and your shower; for added privacy, many glass enclosures can have a frosted pattern applied to them.  Another great way to save space is to replace sinks, toilets and tubs with smaller ones. In a small half bathroom, opt for a pedestal sink. It will give your older bath a more modern look instantly while taking up half the space of your old, outdated sink.

When planning your bathroom remodeling project, look for ways to create multi-functional areas. When a space is limited to only one function it can feel smaller than it is. Just adding a dimmer switch to the same lighting fixture you have can give you more options. These small changes can make your bathroom remodeling project a success, while making your small bathroom seem a lot larger.

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