Bathroom Remodels and Designs To Suit All Styles

St. Louis bathroom design

Bathroom Remodels and Designs To Suit All Styles

A complete bathroom remodel is a great way to increase your home’s value, even if you are not planning on selling your home anytime soon.

bathroom-design-and-remodelWhen you consider the amount of time spent in there, why not design it to be more than just functional. Whatever your personal taste and preference, your bathroom remodel expert can help you execute the bathroom of your dreams.

Contemporary Design

Modern bathroom designs make use of space and hide away those elements you don’t want featured. Floating toilets and sinks remove the clutter and give the space a stream lined appeal. The eye becomes trained on the aesthetic appeal of the space, not its functionality. Add more punch to the contemporary look by choosing bright colors on the walls and dark floor tiles with matching splash backs. The shower should be hidden away behind a charming glass enclosure and a separate tub area used to house personal touches, such as candles.

Home Style Design

A home style bathroom contains the functional elements of a contemporary design with less stark contrasts. Use natural tiles on the floor and walls like sandstone or marble, in soft neutral tones, and pick a color for the walls that quietly complements the tiles. Your bathing areas should have the same soft appeal, while not being highlighted for their purpose. This can be accomplished by adding accents that draw attention away from them.

Traditional Design

A traditional bathroom is easy to accomplish with style once you see the variety of designs available that manage to combine the usefulness of bathroom necessities with sleek and attractive appeal. A pedestal sink makes a perfect center piece for a traditional bathroom along with a free standing bathtub. Add your own personal touch with a floral fabric curtain encircling the tub to invoke privacy. Small ceramic tiles in soft hues go very well with this design choice as do larger wall tiles that contain a complementary pattern. Finish off the look with wooden accents in dark tones.

Luxurious Design

This type of bathroom works best when there is ample space. Your bathroom remodel expert can help you look at the floor plan of your home to see if there is any extra space around the bathroom that can be accessed to provide the room needed. To accomplish this look you want every element to stand out. The floor should be tiled in contrasting marble blocks with the walls in similar, yet lighter shades. A large walk in tub puts you right in the lap of luxury, especially when surrounded with bright gold taps and crystal accents.

When investing in a complete bathroom remodel it is important to remember that this is the most personal space in your home. You are allowed to add touches that are designed solely for your comfort. With that in mind, approach it not as a monetary investment in your house, but as an improvement on a space that can enable you to have tranquility inside of your home.  Call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 for a free consultation.

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