Adding Color to Your Kitchen Remodel

Adding Color to Your Kitchen Remodel

A large component of your complete kitchen remodel is going to be the colors that you choose.

french-country-kitchenIt is likely that as you have been moving forward, choosing appliances and flooring, you have had a basic idea of what your new kitchens’ color scheme will be. Unlike other rooms in your home, the walls of the kitchen are mostly covered by cabinetry and appliances, so the real source of your color scheme will come from the kitchens fixtures. Considering the amount of time you likely spend inside the kitchen, it is important that you choose color that you love and that makes you feel good. You will not have the chance to remodel your kitchen again for many years so make sure the choices you make now will be appealing to you and your family for a long time.

Bolder and Brighter

In a kitchen space, you have the option to go brighter than usual with the wall paint. With the limited wall space the paint will mostly be a border around the furnishings and appliances. This is the time to go a little wild and choose a bright and bold color, such as red, to really show off your personality.

Calm and Serene

You have three options when considering a color scheme for your kitchen, or any room. You can choose tonal, where the walls and furnishings are all the same color in varying tones. Say for example, you are drawn to blue. You may choose navy for the walls and then various lighter shades, such as sky blue, for accent. Blue is a warm choice for a kitchen that invokes feelings of calmness and serenity.

Happy and Cheerful

A harmonious color scheme works well in a kitchen setting. This is where you choose a color scheme that complements one another. You can use a color such as yellow for the base, and then accent with light shades of orange and green. Yellow invokes happiness in a room and can make it feel more welcoming. You can tone down the effect with dark wood cabinetry and flooring. This will give you a cheerful, yet sophisticated kitchen.

The third option is to go with contrasting colors. Red with green or violet with yellow for example. The effect makes a big impact on a kitchen. Red will raise the energy of your kitchen and stir up excitement, while the contrasting green will cool it down.

Do not opt for trendy colors as a main component, instead, add them to the room with easy to replace accessories. When considering a color scheme for a kitchen, there are a lot of ways in which to play with it and accentuate it.  Area rugs, seat cushions, counter top appliances and even dishware can all lend to the colors you choose and can be interchanged as your mood and taste change.

Consider the overall picture when deciding on color for your kitchen remodel. You will have cabinets and counter tops to consider and that can also enhance the feel of your space. Start off by choosing a color that you have always liked, and then build from there.  Call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777 today for a free consultation.

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