Adding Color To Your Bathroom

a colorful bathroom

Adding Color To Your Bathroom

Are you tired of a plain white bathroom? Enhance the look by adding some color.

A colorful bathroom.

A colorful bathroom.

Most bathrooms have a plain white design. This is especially true for newer homes since white is a neutral shade and a safe option for mass-produced housing units. You may also wonder if it is a coincidence that most toilets and bathtubs also have the same plain white design. The problem is that plain-white bathrooms have the tendency to become boring. Adding a small amount of color will enhance the look of the bathroom and reflect the personal style of the owner of the house.

Start With the Walls

The walls are a good place to start when adding color to the bathroom. You can use bold colors and may even consider using black for an accent wall to make it stand out. Although you may be conservative when putting color on the walls of the other parts of the house, you can try out bolder colors for the walls of the bathroom. Aside from adding color to the wall, it can also be given texture by using Venetian plaster on the walls. Using this plaster-like material will give the walls a southwest-like texture. Since it is a non-volatile organic compound, it will dry quickly and prevent the formation of mildew.

Use Soft Furnishings Inside the Bathroom

Soft furnishings can provide an inspiration to the overall theme of the bathroom. The windows treatments, shower curtains, and bath towels can be used to spice up the bathroom. Add area rugs, which offer color, texture, and pattern to the bathroom. A good number of woven rugs are available in the market.

Using Hard Materials as Bathroom Decoration

Colored tiles can be used for enhancing the look of the bathroom. The tiles used in the bathroom do not necessarily have to be standard four-by-four tiles. Instead, glass tiles can be utilized since they are available in a number of sizes and colors. These can make small but remarkable changes in the appearance of the bathroom. A number of decorative sinks are also available to decorate the bathroom. There are numerous types of sinks available in the market including sleek, contemporary designs and intricately-designed sinks that can be considered to spruce up your bathroom.

Finding Your Personal Style

Home remodeling experts believe that all rooms inside the house should reflect the personal style of the homeowner, and this includes the bathroom. Reasonably-priced art pieces can be used to decorate the bathroom. However, it is important to make sure that these art pieces are moisture resistant. Other decorations such as woven baskets can also be used to beautify the bathroom. Plants, like orchids, can also be placed inside the bathroom. These types of plants are ideal for a bathroom since they like moisture and do not require direct sunlight. Since they do not require pots, colored baskets can be used for these plants.

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