Adding Accessories to Your Kitchen Remodel

Adding Accessories to Your Kitchen Remodel

By adding your own special touches, you can reflect your personal style.

Skegg KitchenOnce all the major components for your complete kitchen remodel have been decided on, it is time to let the home remodel experts get to work putting them all together.  With their help, you have made choices that are both aesthetically appealing and functional.  Now it is time for you to add your own special touches that will give the finished product the character that reflects your own personal style.

Faucets and Hardware

The hardware needed for the cabinetry and sink is a good place to start.  Faucets come in an array of interesting shapes and sizes.  Choose one that fits in with the style of your kitchen.  You can go with a modern looking faucet or stay traditional with an old fashioned look.  With options like pull out nozzles or pot fillers, you can really spice up the look of your sink while giving it even more functionality.

The knobs and pulls for cabinets is another fun way to play with accessories.  Since they are usually easy to install, it is OK to choose something trendy that you may want to change in the future.  Add some punch to plain white cabinetry with bright colors that can be mixed and matched as the seasons change.

Lighting  For Ambiance

When it comes to the lighting of your complete kitchen remodel you have a few things to consider.  First off you will need to install task lighting. These are lights that are placed directly over and around the work spaces.  Overhangs are a good choice and can be fitted with colorful shades in a large variety of different shapes.  Decorative lighting could be small scones on the walls or even a chandelier.  Their purpose is minimal beyond creating ambiance, but adds your personal touch to the space.  Keep in mind that a kitchen is the one space where you want an overabundance of light.  Utilize under cabinet spaces and track lighting to ensure that there is enough light in the room.  Dimmers are a great way to control how illuminated the kitchen is throughout the day.

Highlighting Your Family’s Personality

Smaller items, such as throw rugs and towels are a great way to help highlight the kitchen and draw attention to the color scheme and style.  Make use of empty countertops to place colorful canisters and tins, choosing patterns that go with the base color of your wall.  If you incorporated open shelving into your kitchen design then this is a great place to highlight your family’s personality.  Neatly stock it with your favorite cookbooks and bric-a-brac to create a homey, comfortable look in your kitchen.  Plants are also a great accessory for a kitchen, adding color and fresh air.

To keep the appearance of your kitchen neat, strategically place a few brightly colored storage boxes or baskets around the room.  These can act as a catch all for all of the unnecessary clutter that eventually makes its way into a kitchen.  Straightening up will be as simple as depositing the contents into their correct place in the home.

The joy of a complete kitchen remodel is that the space is now entirely yours to enjoy.  Everything from its design to the faucet has been carefully handpicked to express your own style.  The accessories you add will give it that extra flair that truly will make it feel like an integral part of your home.  Call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777.

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