5 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs a Makeover

bathroom remodel

5 Signs That Your Bathroom Needs a Makeover

A beautiful bathroom is a place where you can relax and unwind after a hard day at work.

bathroom remodel

Imagine soaking yourself in a warm bath after a tiring day, leaving you rejuvenated and fresh to begin the evening. However, it is important that you care for your bathroom as much as it cares for you. Here are five signs from our St. Louis bathroom remodeling expert that may suggest your bathroom needs a remodel.

Can You See Yourself in the Mirror?

If you cannot see yourself clearly in the bathroom mirror, it means your bathroom needs better ventilation. Poor ventilation promotes mold growth and causes the building materials to age prematurely. As a rule of thumb, a bathroom that is well ventilated will exchange the air in about five minutes, but if stale air is staying for longer than about ten minutes in your bathroom, the ventilation system needs to be improved.

Does the Shower Turn Cold?

If you feel that your shower turns cold or is slow to heat up, then it is an indication that your water heater is overworked. So, rather than troubling yourself with cold showers, invest in a new energy efficient water heater.

Do You Feel Cold After Taking a Shower?

If you feel troubled by feeling cold after a shower, then it is an indication that you probably need to look into the heating system. Consider customizing your bathroom and include a small heat source. There are various types of heaters available in the market to suit your budget and heating needs. Consider investing in radiant floor heating. It is an efficient way of heating, and you will feel more comfortable walking around barefoot in the bathroom.

Is Your Water Bill Burning a Hole in Your Pocket?

Plug any leaks and upgrade your fixtures. Although there might be other factors affecting your water consumption, by investing in more efficient fixtures and sealing the leaks you may reduce your water bill considerably.

Do You Have Enough Power Outlets?

If you have to leave the bathroom to shave or dry your hair then you need to get more power outlets installed in the bathroom. Older bathrooms often lack outlets where you can plug in your tooth brushes, hairdryers, and other gadgets.

If  your bathroom can be more beautiful and efficient, then contact a St. Louis bathroom remodeling company and have them assess your needs and offer recommendations. Call AAA Remodeling Company at (636) 349-5777. We can help create the beautiful bathroom that you have always dreamed of.
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