10 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

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10 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Having a large and beautiful kitchen is a dream of many St. Louis homeowners.

st louis kitchen remodel

While it is not always possible to physically increase the size of a kitchen, homeowners can do a number of things to make their kitchen appear bigger. Although these methods may not increase the physical size of the kitchen, the working area will appear to be bigger.

1. Enhance the Lighting with Color

Soft-warm gray, light gray-blue, or creamy white can be used instead of navy blue or maroon. A satin finish is recommended since it is not difficult to clean and reflects light well.

2. Use Different Tiles

Glass tiles, metal, or light-colored tiles can be used on the back splash to serve as small mirrors that increase the amount of light in the room.

3. Modify the Cabinets

Using off-white color instead of deep mahogany on the cabinets will give an illusion of space inside the kitchen. The color of the cabinets can also be changed to complement the color of the walls. Glass doors also can make the kitchen look bigger. Removing the cabinet doors is another option that homeowners can consider.

4. Optimize the Lighting

Low, large-sized lights make it difficult to see outside the window. The light in the kitchen should be sized appropriately, and dark drapes should be replaced with light-colored ones. Window film can also be used instead of the drapes to allow natural light to enter while still maintaining the privacy inside the kitchen. Preparation areas can also be brightened up using lights under the cabinets.

5. Store Food Properly

Although small kitchens mean a smaller storage space, the space can be maximized by keeping food items out of sight. Pull-out drawers can be used to increase storage space in the kitchen. Sundries can be stored in rolling shelves between the sink and refrigerator. The cooking area can be increased by storing spices in magnetized spice holders or inside the refrigerator itself.

6. Use Lean Furniture

Kitchen remodeling experts recommend the use of translucent furniture along with armless chairs and open table legs to make the kitchen appear bigger than its actual size.

7. Strategic Positioning

Darker-colored floors will make the kitchen appear bigger. The visual flow on the floor should also be maintained. Longer and larger tiles can be used instead of small grids.

8. Appropriate Use of Vertical Space

High shelves and cabinets can give an illusion of space. A magnetic knife strip and pegboards can also be used to make sure the counter is clear of kitchen equipment.

9. Use Smaller Appliances

Additional space is created once bulky appliances are replaced with smaller and sleeker ones. Getting rid of these large-sized appliances also reduces the clutter inside the kitchen.

10. Use Movable Equipment

Use of pull-out cutting boards or the ones that can be placed on the sink can also increase the space in the kitchen. A rolling cart can be used for storing cookie sheets and mixing bowls.

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